2015 Status Update

Posted Friday, August 28, 2015 at 12:00 AM

The 2015 Southwest Ohio GiveCamp is less that two months away. It is a good time to give everyone a status update.

 GiveCamp Organization

The only major change for this year’s GiveCamp is the nonprofit structure of GiveCamp. We have switched our nonprofit affiliation to Pay It Forward Cincinnati. The leadership of GiveCamp decided we aligned better and had a better relationship with Pay It Forward. This change should not affect the operation of GiveCamp at all, but it will give us additional opportunities to expand into other areas in the future.


We had 25 nonprofits apply for the help of GiveCamp volunteers. Detailed nonprofit applications are due August 30. After detailed applications are received, we will score and rank all the projects. The number of projects we can do over the weekend depends on how many volunteers we have.


We currently have 41 volunteers signed up for GiveCamp. We typically have around 75 volunteers for the event. Many of the volunteers sign up the last couple of weeks. It makes it more difficult properly prepare, plan, and select the appropriate number of nonprofits when we don’t have an accurate volunteer count. If you plan on attending, please sign up early to help us out. Visit the volunteer page for more volunteer information.


We are still in desperate need for sponsorships/donations. Any amount you can contribute will help us out. All sponsorships provided go directly towards the operational costs for the weekend. Sponsorships pay for rental of the facility, supplies, meals, drinks, and snacks. We do everything we can to keep our costs to a minimum and are able to run the event on a fairly small budget, but we need to be able to meet that budget. Visit the sponsor page for more sponsorship information.