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How Are Non-Profits Selected?

Posted Wednesday, July 24, 2013 at 12:00 AM

Non-profit application is a two step process. The initial application is a simple form on the website. When the initial application is received, it is reviewed by the non-profit committee. The initial review primarily revolves around scope. The project scope is evaluated to determine if it can be completed in a weekend or broken into a smaller preliminary step that can be completed in a weekend. After the initial review, the non-profit is either sent an email with a detailed proposal form or informed why their application was not selected.

The selected non-profits must then fill out the more detailed proposal. A committee member can assist the non-profit if necessary. After the non-profit returns the detailed proposal, it is more thoroughly evaluated by the committee. Five selection criteria is used to score the proposal submissions for final selection. Each criterion is rated 1 to 5 with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. An average of the five rankings is used to rank the proposals. Each proposal is rated by 2 committee members, and the average of the two scores is used. In the event of a tie, the majority vote of the non-profit committee selects the proposal. The criteria areas are listed below with the weighting next to them.

Feasibility/Scope of the Project 30%

5 - All of the items in the project plan can be accomplished within a weekend.

4 - The project can be mostly accomplished in the weekend.

3 - The project is too large for the weekend, but could be broken into smaller parts.

2 - The project is too small for the weekend.

1 - The project is too large for the weekend and cannot be broken into smaller parts.

Impact on Southwestern Ohio 25%

5 - Non-profit is located in Southwestern Ohio, and all benefits go to Southwestern Ohio.

4 -

3 -

2 - Non-profit is not located in Southwestern Ohio, but the benefits are for Southwestern Ohio.

1 - Non-profit is located in Southwestern Ohio, but does not benefit Southwestern Ohio.

Impact on Non-profit and Needs 20%

5 - Non-profit does not currently have this capability and cannot create it on its own (Ex: No website.)

4 - Non-profit is currently doing this capability manually and cannot automate it on its own.

3 -

2 -

1 - Non-profit could accomplish this task on its own through funding or skills.

Cooperation of the Non-profit Including Involvement and Availability 15%

5 - Non-profit fully participates in requirements and will attend and be available throughout the weekend.

4 - Non-profit fully participates in requirements, but can only partially attend the weekend.

3 -

2 - Non-profit participates in requirements gathering, but cannot attend the weekend.

1 - Non-profit is not responsive during requirements gathering and cannot attend the weekend.

Interest of the Project to Volunteers 10%

5 - Multiple teams will want to take on this project.

4 -

3 -

2 -

1 - It would be hard to stay motivated to do this project.