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Camp Joy


Since 1938 Camp Joy has been serving the Greater Cincinnati community to provide life-changing experiences for underserved populations. Joy continues to provide these experiences to low-income youth, foster youth, and children with medical & special needs.

Project Details

"So, have you ever tried to identify a tree after the leaves have fallen? Well there are no apps out there that can help you with that and we have thousands of students that try to learn their trees after fall. Camp Joy is once again interested in the creation of another wonderful teaching tool app. This time they want to co-author this app with a professor and use his book, in print since 2001 as the road map and guide to dichotomous exploration of identifying trees, shrubs and vines in the east. This app would consist for about 170 species with 1 to 10 illustration each. As a dichotomous key it will take about 275 steps (separate app pages) to navigate to all of the tree, shrubs and vines.

Team Lead

Brian Telintelo


  • iOS application
  • Android application
  • Native Apps?