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Adopt a Book Inc.


Adopt a Book's mission is to encourage a love of reading and improve literacy among kids in need through providing books to organizations, schools and agencies that serve these children.


Adopt a Book would like its website revamped in order to facilitate more visitors, to allow them to more easily locate pertinent information, and to allow them to make donations of books or money. The website would benefit Adopt a Book by allowing it to receive an increased number of books from new sources, both individuals and businesses.

Adopt a Book’s website should be capable of attracting contributions from various individuals and businesses as well as providing a resource for media who wish to publish stories or advertise Adopt a Book.

Currently, visitors to the Adopt a Book website can comment of various posts or articles. Similarly, visitors to the Adopt a Book Facebook page can interact with posts and pictures. A new website that had a streamlined implementation or connection to its Facebook page and Twitter account would allow visitors easy access to Adopt a Book news, events, and donation information. This access to information would ideally allow supporters of Adopt a Book to share news and information about donations and upcoming events.

Many schools and agencies who wish to receive bulk donations of children’s book currently send an email. A web interface that allowed agencies to simply input their name and contact information to be added to request donations could make the process simpler.


Adopt a Book's existing website is in WordPress.

Website:  www.adoptabookohio.org

Location: Loveland, OH

Tech Lead: David DeLella