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Communities United for Action


Communities United For Action (CUFA) is a multi-issue, grassroots organization that brings diverse people together to affect change. CUFA trains low and moderate-income citizens to participate fully in civic life and to influence public policy and business practices impacting their communities. Throughout our 34-year history, we have built relationships with government, business, and non-profit organizations to improve the quality of life in Cincinnati.

Our goal is to unite our members across lines of race, income and class to work on issues together. Having an easy-to-use and engaging website will help us to activate members of various constituencies- from people who use websites every day to first-time users. We strive to engage more individuals and organizations to join CUFA so that we can accomplish our agenda of safe, healthy and affordable communities for everyone.


CUFA would like to upgrade their website so that it’s easier to find information about their campaigns and to entice people to take action (e.g. sign a petition, request a vacant building training session). The website is adequate, but difficult to update and a little cluttered in appearance. They would like to be able to post photos, videos, testimonials and news updates easily. They would also like to be able to publish an events calendar.


To be determined.

Website: www.cufacincy.org

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Tech Lead: Bill Barnett