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Ombudsman Office


The Ombudsman Office investigates complaints about government agencies for Montgomery County residents, to ensure fairness in government policy administration. They work to improve confidence in government services and to provide an independent, impartial review of government programs. TheirLong-term Care Ombudsman Program staff advocate for the rights of residents in Long-term Care facilities and to implement person-centered care concepts in those facilities within a nine-county area (Clark, Greene, Montgomery, Miami, Shelby, Logan, Preble, Darke, and Champaign County).


Both the governmental complaint division and the long-term care division receive calls from individuals that go beyond the scope or jurisdiction of the office. The office currently has a network of resources that it maintains on an Intranet page. The internalsite is used for these calls to assist citizens with information or an appropriate referral. The goal is to create a searchable, dynamic database on the website so that the information is publicly accessible and can be used as a tool to empower individuals and help them resolve issues they are facing.


The Ombudsman Office's current site is built in WordPress.

Website: www.dayton-ombudsman.org

Location: Dayton, OH

Tech Lead: James Keating