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Self-Sustaining Enterprises DBA Mason Food Pantry


Mson Food Pantry's mission is to provide interim and emergency food relief to those in need. We do so without prejudice to anyone living in the Mason community.

They are a client choice Pantry, designed to offer a unique opportunity to relieve short term situations of emergency and distress. At the Mason Food Pantry you get to choose which food products best suit your family's tastes.


The Mason Food Pantry needs simple access to data reflecting contact information, donation history and individual donor preferences, as well as the means to engage with constituents and collect donations. Having donor management software will help them to better understand donor trends, create email and traditional mail campaigns, manage event attendance and track a variety of donation types.

They need a tool that will be a browser based system to store and manages all constituent data in one unified database. The system will need to allow for multiple users, that is easy to use, adaptable, and that requires only single entry of information. By having such a system the organization will benefit by the reduction of time currently needed to complete tasks, as well as having the ability of identifying prospects, set goals, assign solicitors, and carry out “moves” for targeted donors.


To Be Determined.

Website: www.masonfoodpantry.org/

Location: Mason, OH

Tech Lead: Alan Garrison