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Brigid's Path



Our Mission Brigid's Path provides inpatient medical care for drug-exposed newborns, non-judgmental support for mothers, and education services to improve family outcomes. We will be Ohio's first Neonatal Recover Center and the 2nd in the nation. With the growing epidemic of drugs in Southwest Ohio, there is a growing number of babies who are exposed to drugs during the pregnancy. The babies are then born dependent on the drugs and must go through withdraw after they are born. This is a difficult time for each baby, so we are designing a facility that will help these special babies.


We need an inventory/tracking system for tracking donations. Conceptually this would include a item table with a description of the item and its market value and a donor table with the donor's contact info linked to their corresponding donations. We would also need the ability to run some basic reports for current inventory and year-end taxes.


This inventory tracking system would help us organize community donations and supplies needed to care for the babies. The affect that this would have on our ability to stay organized and know what is needed for our babies is indescribable. We currently do not have the capability to do what this project would do in any form. At this time, we use a manual process and track things on paper and in Excel. We do not possess any other resources to complete this project.

Team Lead

David DeLella



  • ASP.Net
  • SQL Server



Our team helped Brigid's Path to convert their existing hand made inventory sheets to a web based application.  The application will help them to track donors, donation drives, all donations and future auction items.  They will also be able to get real-time KPIs on current inventory and collection to date.