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Clothes that Work



Clothes That Work’s mission is to provide interview appropriate clothing and personalized confidence building image services for clients. Clothes That Work provides job seekers with professional clothing, knowledge, and tools to present a work-ready image throughout the process of a job search and initial employment. Clients receive one-on-one guidance through the process of selecting a professional outfit and accessories appropriate for job interviews. During the personalized appointment, the client coach discusses elements of image that are necessary to make positive impressions during an interview and provides coaching on personal presentation skills. Clothes That Work clients not only benefit from acquiring tools and knowledge to present a work-ready image to potential employers, but they also gain self-esteem and increased levels of confidence for their interview.

Clothes That Work’s Education and Training program is its initiative to further empower job seekers and impact the economic vitality of our community through a series of five workshops. Business and community partners are concerned that while thousands of vacant positions remain open and unfilled in the Greater Dayton region, many applicants lack the appropriate image and professional soft skills necessary to secure one of these jobs. Clothes That Work strives to increase a job seeker’s confidence with additional training by offering instructional services through the Education and Training program. The program augments job seekers’ and newly employed workers’ professional soft skill knowledge from pre-employment through the first years of employment.


Accurately reporting the number of clients we serve is an important part of our overall operations. We are looking for a new database that can capture information about the clients who go through our Clothing Program and the attendees for our Education and Training Program. We want to be able to capture basic information about the number of clients we serve along with optional demographic information to help us understand more about our client base.


A new, fresh client database would allow us to more accurately track and report our clients and program effectiveness than what our current system allows, thereby providing the transparency we desire in reporting our outcomes to the community. We currently use a combination of spreadsheets and an old Access database to track client information, survey responses and program data, but the reporting system is known to have bugs, and additional information that is being tracked manually is not tracked in the central database. We do not have a dedicated staff member skilled in database creation to develop a new system on our own, and we would need to seek out financial or volunteer resources to have a system created or purchased for us.

Team Lead

Alan Garrison



  • PHP
  • FuelPHP



A database inventory application was created.