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Edison's Music Makers Museum


Within the next year or so Rodney Pack and I are opening a museum for the history of sound recording. It will go from the Thomas Edison's invention of the phonograph in the late 1800s to the modern day IPod. It will include a timeline of general history, the development of various music genres and top artists through the years and a history of the changing technology and mediums. The building is completed, the machines placed and part of the exhibits written. I worked as assistant curator at the Wilmington College Peace Resource Center and my husband has collected for 20 years. We are passionate about sharing history with people. Our community, including the Chamber of Commerence and the Highland County Visitor Bureau, is very supportive of this project.


Develop a web site from scratch that will help drive traffic to the museum and will accommodate sound clips, virtual exhibits and video. It needs to be simple to maintain and yet look very professional and capture the essence of the sound museum. We know only a little about SEO to drive traffic.


We have limited knowledge on how to set up a web site. I, Charlotte, can use preset web sites like “Go Daddy” and make changes. We do not have the skills to create an interesting, unique web site from scratch.

Team Lead

Tim Lewis



  • PHP
  • Wordpress



As a team, we created a brand new website for music makers museum, gave them the ability to upload photos and place then under the exhibit tab, created tables for all their audio files, create a shop page with a PayPal account, helped them setup a YouTube channel to upload their videos and then embed them on the website,  create a contact us form, a volunteer form, and a donations page.