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Generation Dayton



The mission of Generation Dayton is to become the most all-inclusive young professionals organization in the Dayton region. We look to engage, inspire, retain, and attract talented young professionals by providing opportunities to connect, and build relationships with both peers and business and community leaders, voice opinions to decision-makers, volunteer and give back, and to have a well rounded positive impact on the region.


We would like to see a GenD App. This would include being able to register for events, have push notifications of when our events are, and also serve as our access card, (a discount card for members).


Implementing this project would allow for us to reach our target demographic in a larger, and more impactful way- their cellphones. We want to be able to speak to millennials in their own language in a format they understand. By doing this, we will be able to become a name they are familiar with, and feel comfortable interacting with, in order to further impact the Dayton society in a positive way.

Team Lead

Alex Argo



  • Objective C/Swift (iOS)
  • Java (Android)
  • Facebook SDK
  • Parse SDK



We built an event-focused app that pulls event info from Facebook, let’s you RSVP via Facebook, and give you a reminder just before the event happens. We also added a digital version of their “Access” member card that gives them access to deals in the Dayton area. The access card APIs were built using Parse.