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Miami Valley Down Syndrome Association



The Miami Valley Down Syndrome Association (MVDSA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1977. Our mission is to provide information, support, and resources to individuals with Down syndrome, their families, and their communities. We hold many events throughout each year to provide educational and social opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome. We also have the Buddy Walk, which is our core event where we build awareness, acceptance and inclusion for individuals with Down syndrome. Though we were founded nearly 40 years ago - our first ever Executive Director was hired in 2014 and we are working diligently to improve our ability to fulfill our mission and realize our vision of improving the lives of individuals with Down syndrome.


In this day and age, people want to interact with organizations through the web, and especially through a mobile-friendly webpage. A few years ago, one of our Board members took the initiative to improve our website. We contracted with a company that provided a good solution at the time. However, the company charges a hefty monthly fee, doesn't well serve our needs and we've been advised by tech friends that we are paying entirely too much for their services, especially for the lack of flexibility. We'd like our website replicated (with a fresher image) on a platform that is easy to update and manage (our tech friends tell us there are free platforms available), and perhaps most importantly, that has a functional, attractive mobile version. The current mobile landing page for our site says - coming soon. So, in a nutshell, the project would be a new website!


This project would have a tremendous effect on our organization. Although we do have a website already, it is costly (costing us about $2,000 a year, just for the cookie-cutter platform that we maintain) and is not attractive, nor user-, or mobile-friendly. This would be a game changer for us – to actually have an attractive website, that people can use and find what they are looking for – and that can be updated and maintained by us. Additionally, having an app for people to stay up to date with our current news and events would help our families engaged and be served by our programs. We do not have any other funding or skills for this project. We’ve been told by other tech-savvy people that we are paying entirely too much for the website that we have, but we don’t have anyone who can shepherd us through the process of improvement – except for GiveCamp!

Team Lead

Chase Cathcart



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