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Mommy Has Breast Cancer


Mommy Has Breast Cancer was officially born in April of 2011, when a group of young breast cancer survivors and their supporters came together to form this support mechanism after personally experiencing the difficulties of raising children while at the same time fighting breast cancer. This group of phenomenal survivors went on to incorporate in December of 2011, and we are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501C3 charitable non-profit organization as of our date of incorporation. Our mission is to serve women and families affected by breast cancer. We do this by providing essential support services including, but not limited to child-friendly educational books, childcare, transportation, housekeeping, and healthy prepared meals to help patients manage their extraordinary lives as mothers, wives, and courageous women battling breast cancer


We've migrated from a traditional html/php/MySQL site/DB and we're having some trouble moving over our registration forms, donation forms, and the functions we included several years ago in our beautiful (but non-responsive) website. We need the following items for our project.

  1. Migrating over our Cancer Patient Registration Forms that can store data in our mySQL Database.
  2. Migrating over our administrative site where we could login and see the registration data and perform a few basic functions with the data in mySQL DB.
  3. Creating a new page where service providers can register to participate and have their data stored in the DB
  4. Creating a new area where physicians and social workers can login to certify that an applicant is a cancer patient in treatment.
  5. Report Dynamic stats from the database on our page
  6. Migrate over more of the static content from our old site into the new site.


Today this process is manual and has a lot of overhead and complexity. It makes it difficult for volunteers to allocate enough time to track who is getting what, and who needs what. We spend a lot of time on service administration that there isn’t much time left for fundraising and other important things. We want to streamline this process so that as we expand we will have a streamlined process that is easy for a volunteer to take care of and give us various points of inspection and oversight for volunteer duties as well. Adding in a funding mechanism for our moms to utilize is also important because it is often friends and family of patients who make donations to the charity in honor of a loved one. We do not have funding for major development projects and although we have some resources available for maintenance we do not have the skillsets available for creation of the site.

Team Lead

Christopher Gay



  • C#
  • ASP.Net
  • Visual Studio 2015
  • Entity Framework
  • MS SQL Server
  • DotNetNuke