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Parents 2 Partners



The mission of Parents 2 Partners is to engage, empower, and educate diverse family members in order to help them succeed and give back to their communities.

Our primary goal is to collaborate with families, schools, and communities to improve outcomes for youth in the Greater Cincinnati area.


Ohio is the home of 30,000 foster care children. Each year 1000 who exit the system to the streets with no plans for their future. These children suffered displacement from an early age causing them to miss out on maintaining continuity for their school and connections within their communities.

Butler county sends off their teens across the state.

We aspire for a program that helps family service agencies to easily locate foster parents within close proximity of the school where the abused child attends, as a way to reduce uprooting of these kids.


This tool is not to benefit us directly, but is intended to help foster care youth in the state of Ohio; we are very passionate about finding ways to advocate for them and to serve as a voice on their behalf. When foster care youth experience any issue that causes them to be removed from their foster home, they are often also uprooted from the entire community, leaving behind their schools, familiar teachers, and peers. Some of these children move as often as 24 times during their academic time span. The result is that they miss out on building relationships needed when they are emancipated. For many of them, when they turn 18, they know nobody that they can turn to for help or mentoring, and so the streets became their final destination.

We want service providers to have the tool to quickly be able to find home for this child by ensuring the least disruption to his/her academic and social connections.

The mission of Parents 2 Partners is to engage, empower, and educate diverse family members in order to help them succeed and give back to their communities. It is a challenge for mentors from our organization to offer intervention when these youth experience a nomadic life.

The purpose of this tool is to help the agencies that serve these children find foster care homes within the school district that they currently attend. Often decisions are made based on what is easy for the agency to do instead of what is in the best interest of the child. Our goal is to help by make good decisions an easy process for foster care youth agencies.

Our organization aspires to design a program that can be updated with information of foster families. This could include information such as pets, for example in the event a child is allergic or wishes to have such an animal at home. Data could be retrieved based on school districts.

Team Lead

Jason Robey



  • ASP.Net/C#
  • MS SQL Server
  • Entity Framework
  • Bootstrap



A working prototype of the application was created to show the foster care systems how it can be used and implemented.  With the help of State Senator Bill Coley, it will be taken to counties within the state for testing and implementation.  This project is the first step in helping our imancipated foster children in the state.