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Vivian's Victory



Vivian's Victory is a nonprofit dedicated to serving families that receive a poor prenatal prognosis or have a child with a prolonged illness during their hospital stay and/or as they transition home. We believe no child should fight alone and no parent should need to choose between supporting their child and "life". Vivian's Victory began in 2012 after the death of Maria and Rod Dunlap's daughter, Vivian. During Vivian's 59 day life, the Dunlaps lived in the hospital and found very quickly that the support they received from family, friends and even strangers, was not the norm for many families living parallel with them.


Vivian's Victory would like a website face-lift, assistance with updating the growing contact database in conjunction with using Constant Contact, as well as any insight in Quickbooks, or other financial computer programs.


Our website has been stagnate for a few months because we currently use Wordpress and it just isn’t cutting the mustard. We are desperately in need of an interactive facelift so we are aestically pleasing and easy to navigate so we can really give our donors, families and those interested in our cause a better, more welcoming snapshot of who we are, what support we are receiving and how we are living and growing in our community. I know exactly how Vivian’s Victory wants to present itself, I don’t have the skills to make that happen on the computer!

Team Lead

Jack Wooten



  • PHP
  • Wordpress



The team created a new site that tells the story of Vivian's Victory. Old paper forms were also replaced with an electronic version on the site. The team also configured Google Apps for the organization.