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WISE Educational Services



Our mission is to aid individuals from all socioeconomic strata's by improving their educational, interpersonal, communication, and socialization skills. WISE Corp. was founded in 2013 by a Miami University Alumnist. Our goal is to cultivate wisdom in all participants through Christian principles, Christian values, and enrichment activities.


Assistance with adding features to website that require CSS coding. I (founder) have learned HTML code but, need to take the site to the next level.


This project would aid us in achieving our current initiative of providing educational tutoring services and homework assistance to students in grades PreK-12, helping illiterate adults to learn to read, and offering homework assistance to College Students. During the 2014-15 Academic School year we offered 40+ tutoring/homework assistance sessions to students from Kindergarten to College in Mathematics, Reading, and Reading Comprehension. During the Summer of 2015 we are currently offering tutoring and Enrichment Services during 55+ weekly sessions.

We do not currently have the resources or expertise to complete this project in a manner that will professionally represent our organization in the electronic market. We are replacing manual data collection processes (paper surveys and applications) with automated processes (automated surveys and database applications), and implementing live chat. The tremendous amount of time that has been spent on our existing website (that has yielded a mediocre outcome) has taken away from other aspects of the business that require a great deal of attention.

Our non-profit organization provides services to families of all socioeconomic strata’s but, most frequently to the middle to low income youth, young adults, and adults in need of academic tutoring/homework assistance in mathematics, reading, and reading comprehension. We are Southwestern Ohio residence of Huber Heights, a suburb of the City of Dayton in Montgomery County, and our mission benefits those in this geographical area. By improving this site aesthetically it will increase the likelihood of potential clientele reviewing the material contained therein and increase the number of program participants that we can assist cademically. As service providers brand recognition plays a tremendous role in consumer’s choice to expend funds on tutoring/homework assistance services. Because we do not have the marketing budget of our larger constituents it is extremely important that we make the most of every hit on our website.

Team Lead

Trey Howard



  • PHP
  • Wordpress - Benevolence Theme



We converted WISE to a new website based on Wordpress that gives the site a fresh design and responsive design. The site now accepts online donations, and parents can purchase tutoring sessions online.