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Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati



The mission of the Civic Garden Center is to build community through gardening, education and environmental stewardship. We have been in existence since 1942. Our cornerstone projects are Community Gardens, Youth Education programs and our classes and workshops. We have worked with neighborhoods to establish and sustain gardens for 35 years -- we're one of the oldest community gardening programs in the nation. We've provided a variety of children's programs for our entire history, working closely with schools to build gardens and incorporate gardens and environmental education into their curriculum. The goal is to help kids understand where their food comes from, make better choices about the food they eat and to get more active through gardening. On-site we have a Green Learning Station, dedicated to keeping stormwater where it falls, teaching composting, non-traditional gardening and methods for being good stewards of the environment.


Create a mobile friendly web application to be able to store information about local community gardens and allow the public to search and find information about their local community gardens.

Team Lead

David Delella