Ingage Partners


Ingage Partner's mission is to be a company with a conscience, to inspire other businesses and to be a force of positive change in our business relationships, our communities and our families.


Ingage takes a values-driven approach to business by being accountable to these core values:

  • Amaze Our Clients: Help our clients embrace change and succeed in an evolving business climate.
  • Speak through Action: Inspire others through mindful acts; fulfill our commitments.
  • Be Passionate: Wear our hearts on our sleeves.
  • Pursue Growth and Learning: Be innovative; challenge ourselves; make a point to try new things.
  • Be Genuine: Keep it real; be honest with others and be true to ourselves.
  • Be the Impact We Seek: Engage with our communities; develop new approaches to solve social issues.
  • Build Momentum: Stand for what we believe; lead others and show enthusiasm through people connections.

B Corp

Ingage is looking forward to the day when there are more companies with a viable, for-benefit business model where people, planet and profit are equally considered and valued.  We seek to build momentum around this impactful way of doing business.  In this way, communities are better served and professionals find greater purpose in the workplace - where aspiring to succeed does not interfere with one’s ability to be engaged in doing good.

Certified B Corps

B part of building a collective voice through the power of the unifying B Corp brand. 

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