2020 GiveCamp

Special Covid-19 Info

2020 Southwest Ohio GiveCamp registration is now open for this virtual event.  Register Now!

Special Notice About 2020 GiveCamp

After a lot of thought and discussion, we have decided to not have an in-person Southwest Ohio GiveCamp in 2020.  With the COVID-19 situation continuously changing, it makes it impossible for us to properly plan the event.  We need at least six months of time to score nonprofits, recruit volunteers, secure sponsors, and organize the event.

We decided to try something different this year. Since everyone is spending more time working at home and cleaning out their houses, we decided to do some virtual housecleaning of our own.  We have done 61 projects in the last five years alone.  Many of those projects have had minimal technical support since we delivered them and need minor updates or bug fixes.  We will solicit those projects to develop a vetted backlog of issues to address.  During the weekend of October 23-25, we will host a virtual maintenance weekend for Southwest Ohio GiveCamp to address some of these issues.  We are still working out the technical details of how this will be done, so stay tuned for more information.

For the Volunteer…

The maintenance weekend will allow for volunteer opportunities for different skill sets prior to the weekend. As we gather requests from non-profits, we will need help vetted and breaking the requests up into reasonable sizes.  If this is a skill you possess, please let us know.

And for the Non-Profit…

After we determine a system for collecting maintenance requests, we will send out information to the non-profits from the previous five years to submit requests.