2023 Projects

We are proud to announce this year’s projects to these deserving non-profits.

The projects outlined below is what was submitted by the non-profit. Scope of work may change during the weekend as time permits.

Greater Dayton Volunteer Lawyers Project

I would like to get assistance with creating an online forms library on my already existing website. We maintain legal documents for volunteer lawyers to use to assist our clients with basic legal filings. We cover a 7-county area. Each court in each county has different forms. We’d like the documents to be arranged by court/county in an easily navigable tree. Once the correct form is reached, the volunteer can click on it and it pops open a clean, blank PDF form. I’d like to have documents open as fillable PDFs that can be typed directly into and “submitted” once complete. “Submitting” them generates an email to a designated email address with the completed PDF attached for printing. No information needs to be saved other than in the auto-generated email.


Ignite Peace believes that knowledge is key to affecting change and building power. We educate the public about the realities of injustices, learn from those most directly impacted, and empower people to take action for systemic and social change. This project will create a tool for anyone in the community to record and upload their stories directly to be used in advancing Ignite Peace’s education and advocacy initiatives.

WAVE Foundation at Newport Aquarium

WAVE Foundation at Newport Aquarium is in need of a new and improved website. One that is built on WordPress (or similar), is easy to update internally, navigate, mobile friendly, colorful and fun! The website should entice educators, parents, potential volunteers, and donors.

Santa Maria Community Services

Our project entails the redesign of our current website using a customized WordPress template, while ensuring full compliance with Google Analytics 4 standards. Our main objective is to create a visually captivating and user-friendly platform that effectively conveys our organization’s mission and services. Additionally, we are seeking to incorporate a dedicated page that allows the public to securely submit electronic copies of identification documents, such as driver’s licenses, social security cards, state IDs, and birth certificates, directly to us. This feature aims to streamline the document submission process while maintaining the highest level of security and confidentiality.

Discover Classical, Dayton Public Radio

When you’re planning to watch TV, you might look at program listings to see what shows are coming up. You can do the same thing when listening to Discover Classical, Dayton’s all-classical public radio station. Our Web site
provides details about the music that will be played on upcoming programs. Since we broadcast music 24 hours a day, this information changes constantly. It appears in advance (and disappears afterward) through labor-
intensive, manual processes: typing, copying, pasting and deleting. This project will create a Web database to simplify and automate the display of program listings.